SiPalto App is here!

We are pleased to finally announce the launch of the new SiPalto App, which is now available to all SiPalto VoIP customers.

Our first release, version 1.0.0 is the result of years of planning and 6 months of intensive development from our in-house software development team.

We currently have 2 platform versions available:

1. Windows Desktop App – which can be downloaded to all compatible versions of Windows.

2. WebRTC App – our in-browser version which can used in all modern web browsers, across any platform and without the need to download any software.

We will be releasing our Apple OS X version in the next month followed by our mobile versions in a few month’s time.

Key Features of version 1.0.0

Our first release addresses all the pain points faced by our old third party app with an emphasis on clean design, intuitiveness, speed and ease of use.

Calling – Calling has been re-imagined to be intuitive and very fast with one-click calling options throughout. Action call transfers and 3-way conferences all with one-click.

Managing second calls and calls on-hold is slick with a visual indicator displaying the status of every call you’re managing, making toggling between calls quick and easy.

Presence – View the status of colleagues in real time so you know their availability before calling them or transfering a call to them. You can see if they are online or offline, on a call or if their phone is ringing.

Contacts – An advanced contacts and phone directory list which moves across platforms and app versions with you.

Call History – Call history is saved at the system level meaning you can view all your call history on any platform or app version, not just the one you made or received the call on.

You can search call history for the last 12 months by date and time or by phone number and listen to call recordings all within the app.

Visual Voicemail – View all your voicemails visually instead of calling in and listening to them one at a time. With more powerful features coming soon such as voicemail transcription built directly into the app.

Visual Conference Call – When on a 3-way conference call, view who is speaking with our in-call visual indicator.

Our upcoming roadmap

There are a lot of plans and ideas for the SiPalto app with new features being released monthly.

Initial enhancements will be going into global and department level directories, advanced presence and user status and our App Manager so admins can manage all app users remotely.

We will then be moving on to very powerful features including chat, video calling and video meetings as well as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace integration.

There will be hardware integrations developed with manufacturers such as Yealink (VoIP desk phones) and 2n (Door Entry) as well as PCI Compliant Payment integration using our ChargeSecure payment solution.

Thank you for your feedback

We would like to thank the customers who have provided invaluable feedback throughout the development process and to all our customers for your patience whilst we’ve worked to bring you a much better VoIP app and a much better overall VoIP service.

This is the beginning of an exciting road for the SiPalto App as we look forward to future releases, continued customer feedback and making customer experience even better with our products.