SiPalto App for Mac OS

SiPalto App for MacOS

And… it’s finally here. SiPalto App for MacOS is officially launched and we’re excited to share it with you.

A big focus of our development has been towards SiPalto App for both Windows and Mac being identical, making the user experience the same no matter what platform your team are using.

We’ve taken on board user feedback over the last few months and improved the app on both platforms to now be fully responsive, we’ve moved away from the original fixed-size design to allow users to choose the best view specifically for them.

The WebRTC architecture of both versions means we can roll out feature updates and improvements without the need to download a new version of the app every time. All the while remaining completely secure.

We are building up a wish list of improvements from customers and will be rolling out plenty of tweaks and feature enhancements over the next few months, whilst at the same time preparing the launch of our iOS and Android versions.

To download the SiPalto App for MacOS click here.