Sipalto Android And iOS App

Sipalto Android and iOS mobile app

As we begin a new year, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new mobile app for Android and iOS, both available for immediate download from the relevant app stores below:

Android –
iOS –

Our in-house dev team have worked hard over the last 12 months to design, develop and launch a beautifully built app which works in synergy with our desktop app (released around this time last year).

The apps work natively within the Android and iOS operating systems ensuring they are lightweight, work very fast by utilising existing mobile functionality and do not drain battery or other essential mobile resources. This attention to design ensures the app works equaly well on both high and low end devices.

The app includes all the features of the desktop app in a slimmed down version, providing all the essential features users need such as call transfer, checking call history and voicemail, as well as displaying their company phone number when making outbound calls.

More information about our app can be found on the VoIP app page of our website here.

The release of our own mobile app paves the way for a lot more communication features which will be released this year, these include chat and video to name but a few.

We would like to thank the customers who have worked with us on Beta versions and provided invaluable feedback, you have helped shape the first version of the app. And we look forward to working with all customers to give them the features they need to better their communications and meet their wider business goals.

Happy New Year to all.