Happy New Year – 2022, what to expect from us at SiPalto.

We wish to extend a very warm happy new year to all our customers and friends.

We hope you all achieve greatness in 2022 and as always we are here to help you get the very best out of your SiPalto service, no job is too much trouble, we are always happy to do whatever it takes to get the job done and ensure you are always getting the very best from us.

Q4 in 2021 saw us bring a large number of improvements to our SiP Cloud service including refreshed portal design, huge improvements to the Bria App experience, a new version of our hot desking phone feature and enhanced security and PCI platform updates. As we enter the new year we will be increasing momentum to bring the largest number of updates and inprovements to our platform (ever).

We will begin to announce many new features to SiP Cloud, along with new service announcements and new software announcements from this month onwards. I’m personaly very excited to be sharing the fruits of our hard work which all go towards providing the most feature rich platform to our customers coupled with the very best technical service.