A homeworking dilemma we can all relate to.

My new Draytek router and Powerline adaptor giving me a wired connection upstairs.

Flexible working is something we all enjoy but no one expected to be permanently working from home back in March 2020 and unless you were a work from home employee, I don’t think any of us were equipped with the hardware or broadband to allow us to wfh full time efficiently.

I had no desk, no monitor, no real working space to set up for the foreseeable but luckily I managed to buy a second hand desk and a monitor off of marketplace and put together my new office!  Unfortunately, and like many I’m sure, my broadband just wasn’t fast enough and working with high powered applications was proving difficult.

When I moved to my new role at SiPalto in August I was lucky enough to take on a role where I was offered the flexibility I needed and decided to put in a more permanent office space at home.  I then had a lovely new desk, comfy chair (no more painful back after a full day of sitting on a hard seat!) and a nice big monitor.  However, the problem still existed – poor WiFi and even more now as I was working upstairs I was unable to get the strength I needed.

After speaking with the technical team here at SiPalto, they helped me fix the issues I was having.  Firstly, they installed SiPalto FTTC 80/20 (fibre to the cabinet, 80mb down/20mb up) into my home which gave me the speed I needed to be able to work more efficiently while also benefitting from using it with my other devices at home. I went from a painful 8Mb Sky broadband to a wopping 80Mb SiPalto broadband in a matter of weeks.

I was then advised that I could install Powerline Adapters which would allow me to hardwire into my router via a network cable giving me the ultimate speeds available. By using the electricity cabling of my house, Powerline Adapters allowed me to boost my internet signal to my upstairs office. All I had to do was plug an adapter in at the router and another one at my desk creating a stable and fast local area network (LAN) for a professional working set up.

A large range of Powerline Adapters, with or without WiFi, are available online. Allowing you to wire in your desk phone or laptop and instantly fix the slow or unstable internet you previously had.

Im sure many of you can relate to my situation and hopefully my story will help you optimise your working from home situation.  We now offer a lite version of our business broadband called SiPalto WFH Broadband, which is business quality broaband at home. If you would like to talk to us about SiPalto WFH Broadband or our recommended Powerline adapters, please get in contact and we’ll be happy to go through the best options for you and your staff.