£240m DHSC fund for GP phone system upgrades

DHSC fund to upgrade GP practice phone system

According to the government, the average GP surgery receives more than 100 calls first thing on a Monday. Callers often hear an engaged tone as the practice telephone system cannot cope with the volume of calls so callers must try again later. This leads to practices being bombarded with calls leading to unnecessary stress for both callers and the practice team.

To help combat this issue The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced a new £240 million fund to help GP practices upgrade to a modern telephone system. This is great news for GP practices who have to date had a less than suitable or aging telephone system.

Practices on older systems will receive an average investment of £60,000 each to move onto digital phones combined with updated digital tools and support for the transition.

Upgrading to a modern system such as our SiP Cloud business phone system makes it much easier for people to get through to the right person at a GP practice, puts the practice in much more control and provides them with birds-eye visibility of the phone system and how many people are currently trying to get through. As well as providing powerful stats on historical call volumes and call trends.

Callers will not receive an engaged tone and will instead be given a queue number, every caller is placed in the queue in the order they called-in, with advanced features such as requesting a call back, or having their call routed directly to the correct professional available as standard.

SiP Cloud has been designed to be cost effective, feature rich and upgrading is seemless, there is no down time due to the SiPalto team managing the entire upgrade proccess.

At SiPalto, we have helped GP practices, dentists, private medical centres and hospitals move to SiP Cloud. And every organisation has experienced huge efficiencies, saved money and dramatically improved patient experience.

We work closely with every organisation to ensure they get the very best out of their system on an ongoing basis.

To find out if SiP Cloud is the right telephone system for your GP practice or for a no obligation quote fill in our request form and we’ll call you back for a conversation.