Carrier Pre Selection (CPS).

Benefit from SiPalto's competitive call rates without changing your existing system, CPS lets you route your calls via SiPalto without disrupting your existing system.

If your not ready to change your services just yet or if your tied into a contract but want to take advantage of our call rates we offer a CPS (Carrier Pre Selection) service which automatically routes your outbound calls via SiPalto without the need to change anything at your end. Inbound calls are not affected.

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) allows you to select an alternative Communications Providers to carry your calls without having to dial a prefix or install any special equipment at your premises.

Transferring to SiPalto is fast, simple and risk free. We handle everything for you and aim to have you connected to our service within 14 days. There is no disruption to service, no complicated forms to complete and no telephone number changes.

For more information call our Sales Hotline to speak to a member of the team.


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