SiPalto Analogue Line.

SiPalto have partnered with BT Openreach to provide analogue phone lines, so you can get your broadband & analogue line directly from us, receive one bill for all your telecoms from one company and benefit from our highly competetive call rates.

If you already have a phone line you can transfer it to SiPalto for free, there is no disruption to your service what so ever and once it's transferred over you'll start getting your bill from us.

The benefits being one bill from one telecoms supplier not many, a support team which can quickly solve an issue should something go wrong, and highly competitive call rates.

Analogue Line
Setup/Installation £99.99
Monthly £14.99

+ Transfer your existing analogue line to SiPalto for free.

* Setup or transfer lead time: 5-10 working days.

** 1 month rolling contract

If your not ready to transfer your line just yet or if your tied into a contract but want to take advantage of our call rates we offer a CPS (Carrier Pre Selection) service which automatically routes your outbound calls via SiPalto without the need to change anything at your end. Inbound calls are not affected.

For more information go to the Carrier Pre Selection page or call our Sales Hotline to speak to a member of the team.


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