Leased & Fibre Optic Lines.

SiPalto leased lines connect your business directly to the internet using a dedicated fibre optic line. With no speed limits you can have a dedicated speed of 1Gbps and beyond.

For companies that need faster than normal ADSL speeds and a truly unparallelled business service SiPalto recommends a leased line.

Leased lines are the next generation in business class connectivity offering speeds of 1Mbps up to 10Gbps. SiPalto Leased Lines are a scalable, reliable and secure connectivity solution that provides extra flexibility to growing businesses.

Leased Lines are ideal if you need consistently high connectivity speeds, need to transfer sensitive data quickly from site to site or over the Internet or have high upload and download bandwidth requirements.

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The benefits of SiPalto Leased Lines.

Greater coverage – our network covers every exchange in the UK which means we can always provide a fibre optic line to your premises.

1:1 contention – broadband without small print, 1:1 contention means you don't share your SiPalto Broadband service with any other broadband users at peak times.

Unlimited bandwidth – no bandwidth limits or fair usage limits ever, you always get unlimited usage.

Unlimited Speed – no limit to the speed you can have, and always get the dedicated speed you pay for 24/7.

More IP Addresses – no limit to the number of IP addresses available to you.

Reliable hardware – we don't skimp on quality, we always supply the best hardware to ensure the reliable service your business depends on.

100% uptime – a back up line with every circuit ensures you always get 100% uptime should something go wrong.


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