UK Broadband Checker

We regularly get asked what broadband services are available at a customer premises and even more so now that work forces work from home. Home workers are often looking for faster broadband or do not know that an alt-net service may be available in their area.

Alt-net, short for alternative network, refers to independent broadband providers that operate separately from traditional ISPs. They offer high-quality connectivity, faster speeds, and operate locally in each part of the UK, alt-nets have positively increased choice for businesses and consumers in the UK ISP market.

To find out who provides a service in your area, and what speeds are available, Ofcom have a great broadband checker on their website which independantly lists all ISPs and catagorises them into the speed they can provide.

Click here to open the broadband availability checker on the Ofcom website.

We hope you find this link as useful as we have and share it with your colleagues.