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20 Polycom VVX 101s re-programmed and upgraded to our latest software

We were recently contacted by a company based in Marylebone, London, who advised their monthly bill with their current VoIP provider just kept going up every month. Even though they had a call bundle they would get a shock bill for calls not covered by their package.

Their current provider was not prepared to give them a better deal so they were speaking to other suppliers to see if they could save some money.

As always the first thing we did was ask for a copy of their recent bills, we were able to run their itemised bill through our own billing system to see how much they would spend if using SiPalto.

In this instance we built a custom call plan based on their call patterns which would save the company about 20% a month, equating to approx £1,200.00 per year saving against the current provider.

We were asked for a quote for new handsets, but before putting that together we checked if there was anything wrong with their current phones which were the above pictured Polycom VVX 101s.

The customer didn’t realise they could re-use their current handsets if switching VoIP provider, we re-programmed all their existing handsets and updated them with all the latest security patches and software releases, saving the customer an additional £2,000.00

With VoIP becoming so established it’s now even easier to switch if you’re not completely satisfied with your current provider, and being able to re-use existing handsets means it can often be done with little to no disruption or change.

If this is something you can relate to get in touch for any impartial help or advice, we are always happy to share our knowledge and experience to ensure you get the best outcome for your business.