Founding Team.

Ahmed Murad

Founder, Technical Director

Ahmed is the technical architect behind SiPalto. A pragmatist who translates vision and design into tangible product solutions.

Having worked in the telecoms industry for the last 10 years including for some of the largest telecoms providers in the UK, public sector institutions and NGO’s Ahmed has gained a unique understanding of the obstacles organisations face when implementing or even simply managing their telecoms infrastructure.

Ahmed founded SiPalto with a clear goal, to create an inspiring communications platform through sharp, intuitive design, and advanced technical crafts, which will continually adapt and evolve to meet the unique needs of each of its users in an ever changing global environment, he is personally committed to making all this available at an affordable, realistic price.

Ahmed’s strong awareness of the real communication needs of businesses helps drive this approach and helps define SiPalto’s position in a rapidly expanding sector.

Ian Rendell

Director of Sales & Marketing

Ian drives the company’s vision and growth. He specialises in strategy development and public relations campaign planning & implementation.

Having over 10 years experience in development and training, Ian’s natural public relations ability and his infectiously positive persona, helps him build strong teams and maximise individual's potential, cultivating strong relationships within the SiPalto organisation, with our technical partners, and with our customers.

Working extensively across different communities in the UK, South Asia and the Middle East, Ian has a keen interest in cross cultural communications and has extensive experience in communications training.

With Ian’s expertise in building brand presence on a national & international level SiPalto is gaining grounds in telling it’s story, gaining leverage as the communications provider to watch within the industry.

Our philosophy is to use the newest developments in technology to provide a first class product, with a commitment to honest & reliable customer service and principled, ethical business practice.


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