About SiPalto.

SiPalto is made up of remarkable individuals who pool their wealth of knowledge, understanding and expertise to deliver an incredible communications experience.

In today's world, successful companies come in all shapes and sizes, and business workers are no longer tied to their office desk in order to collaborate with the rest of their team or their customers. Staff members are connected like never before and can be based anywhere, from the traditional company headquarters to the home office to the coffee shop on the corner. SiPalto is there to help teams remain connected to each other and their base, no matter where they are located.

Founded in 2009, SiPalto delivers a high value communications service at realistic prices, our network has been built from the ground up using intuitive design and advanced technical crafts to facilitate real life communications challenges and turn them into simple working solutions.

Our systems constantly grow and are developed to meet the ever changing needs of real companies, and if a customer needs a communications solution that doesn't yet exist we'll build it.

SiPalto's philosophy is to provide a service of excellence partnered with cutting edge technology that is simple to use, this allows you to concentrate on what you do best; run your business.

We never tie our customers into long term contracts then provide a second class service (sound familiar), we believe that if we always exceed expectation and provide a truly outstanding service our customers will want to stay with us.

Our love of telecoms is what sets us apart from our competitors, we actually love providing an unparalleled service and place this higher than profit margins, sounds crazy? Just ask one of our existing customers.

Intuitive design, advanced technical crafts, a cutting edge network, customer service excellence and a pure love of communications is what sets SiPalto apart.


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